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tv   Nightline  ABC  February 8, 2013 12:35am-1:05am PST

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damon. "nightline" is next. thanks for watching. good night. tonight on "nightline," a massive search and l.a. under siege for an ex-cop suspected of killing three in a terrifying rampage. tonight, he is still on the loose, and we've got the latest on the deadly manhunt.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. from new york city, this is "nightline" with terry moran. >> hello, i'm terry moran. tonight, a manhunt is under way in southern california and the los angeles police department is under siege. 10,000 law enforcement officers are conducting door-to-door searches for one of their own, a fugitive ex-cop. 33-year-old christopher jordan dorner, suspected of killing
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three people in a terrifying rampage, after making claims in a bizarre online manifesto that he was unjustly fired by the lapd and needs to clear his name. in a police department with a storied and troubled history, they have never seen anything like this before. here's abc's david wright with the latest. >> attention all units, speed into reference 1199 for lapd. >> reporter: over the past 24 hours, a deadly manhunt across this whole region. >> suspect vehicle still outstanding, it's a black nissan titan. >> reporter: police officers hunting one of their own, a rogue former officer now accused of hunting them. >> of course he knows what he's doing. we trained him. he was also a member of the armed forces. it is extremely worrisome and scary, especially to the police officers involved. >> reporter: it all started sunday with a grizzly double homicide, 28-year-old monica kwan and her fiance keith
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lawrence shot at close range as they sat in their car. a murder with no apparent motive. the couple had no known enemies. kwan was a popular college basketball coach. >> she was our team leader, and she was always there to help pick somebody else up. unselfish. and she's going to be so missed. >> reporter: only last night did irvine police say they put two and two together. >> today, we have identified christopher jordan dorner as a suspect in this double homicide. >> reporter: 33-year-old christopher dorner, a lieutenant in the u.s. navy reserves, honorably discharged just last friday, fired four years ago by the lapd. police claim he bore a grudge against a retired l.a. police captive, randy kwan, monica's father, as well as other lapd officers. >> of particular interest is a multi-page manifesto in which the suspect has implicated himself.
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>> reporter: in a rambling manifesto posted online, dorner blames kwan and other lapd officers of a smear campaign after dorner reported witnessing a fellow officer commit police brutality. the manifesto vows vengeance. i will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in lapd uniform whether on or off duty. >> if you read his manifesto, this is a very -- lapd is a specific target, but all law enforcement is targeted. >> reporter: it appears to be no idle threat. today the story played out with all the intensity of a hollywood action thriller. "l.a. confidential" meets "cape fear." >> talk to me, i'm staying here! >> reporter: except that this drama was real and deadly. at 10:00 last night, police say a man fitting dorner's description tried to steal a boat in san diego. >> he pointed a handgun at the victim, who was an 81-year-old male, and demanded the boat. >> reporter: he was unsuccessful. later, dorner's lapd badge was
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found nearby. 1:25 a.m., corona, an hour east of l.a., police officers acting on a tip exchanged gunfire with a man they believed to be dorner. the officer was grazed by the bullet, unable to pursue. 1:45, riverside, two more officers on a protective detail ambushed, one killed, the other seriously injured. by sunrise, jittery l.a. police officers opened fire on this blue truck, similar to the suspect's vehicle, but the people inside were just innocent bystanders. >> tragically, we believe that this was a case of mistaken identity by the officers. >> reporter: late this afternoon, police set up a command post in the mountains northeast of l.a. where a truck had been set ablaze. that truck turned out to be dorner's, but the suspect was nowhere to be found. >> the aerial, ground, and search with canines is continuing, and until we find some other information, we'll continue our search.
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>> reporter: tonight's cnn's anderson cooper revealed dorner had sent him a package. >> inside the package was a hand-labeled dvd with a yellow post-it note reading in part, "i never lie." apparently in reference to his dismissal from the lapd in 2008. >> reporter: there are indications he may have reason to be angry. i'm not an aspiring rapper. i'm not a gang member. i'm not a dope dealer, dorner writes in his manifesto. i am a man who has lost complete faith in the system when the system betrayed, slandered, and libelled me. the manic account of his firing given in that manifesto is told more soberfully court documents. in both, dorner claims the lapd fired him after he reported having witnessed his superior using a taser on a mentally ill suspect, then he said seeing the superior hand-cuff the suspect and kick him in the chest and face. the suspect, christopher gedler and his father offered testimony corroborating dorner's account
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at the time, but the father now says he wasn't surprised that the review board ended up rejecting dorner's claims. >> i even told him, what is wrong with you? you know? you don't testify against your fellow officer. it's the three musketeers. what were you thinking? >> reporter: the official grounds for dorner's firing, providing false testimony in an investigation. the police chief at the time was bill bratton. >> i really have no recollection of his particular case. he would have been fired by me and in that i was police of chief i would have had to approve his discharge. >> reporter: even if dorner were wrongly dismissed, that's no justification for murder or targeting his enemies' families. >> he is narcissistic, he is grandiose. >> reporter: among the more chilling statements, when the truth comes out, the killing stops. but today l.a. police rejected any suggestion they'd review his allegations. >> it is not going to happen.
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>> reporter: dorner's manifesto indicates he is prepared to die if they do manage to find him, don't be surprised if the lapd obliges. i'm david wright for "nightline" in los angeles. >> still at large tonight. thanks to david wright. we will keep you posted on that story. coming up, we're going to turn the page and go inside whole foods, see how a radical ceo grew a tiny health food store into a grocery empire that's changing the way america shops and eats. i'm serious, we compare our direct rates side by side to find you a great deal, even if it's not with us. [ ding ] oh, that's helpful! well, our company does that, too. actually, we invented that. it's like a sauna in here. helping you save, even if it's not with us -- now, that's progressive! call or click today. no mas pantalones!
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it's the grocer of the 21st century. a chain that decides store placement by the density of college graduates within a 16-minute drive. but fans and foes of whole foods might be surprised by the man who built a grocery empire out of a little health food store and a radical idea. here's my co-anchor bill weir. >> reporter: if you have never been inside a whole foods, never understand the devotion of its customers, we should probably start with the colors. the place just looks delicious. if you squint, the produce department resembles an edible monet. and this is not an accident. in fact, the whole foods aesthetic starts long before they put a cute sign over a very perfect stack of rainbow chard. it starts out here in the dirt. >> we're specifically growing this for whole foods. you guys are looking for better
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color. >> it's absolutely beautiful. >> reporter: bob is a whole foods field and quality inspector while harvey is a whole foods forager. they are kind of like major league scouts but instead of driving to random ball fields looking for pitchers, they hit farm fields and farmers markets in search of the crunchiest green pepper or a nice peruvian chocolate cashew milk. harvey travels hundreds of miles per week. today he's looking for up and coming bagel artisans. or socially responsible pie makers who have gone organic. >> like what's in the water, what's in the food we're eating. >> pollution. pesticides, chemicals. >> reporter: follow him around for a bit and you'll see that cost is a lot less important than ideals, like fair trade, no preservatives and humanely treated livestock. values which attract the kind of
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person willing to pay $8 a pound for granola. here's the interesting part. while there may be a lot of so called liberal elites proudly reading the labels at whole foods, they don't have a tough time labeling the man who created whole foods, john mackey. >> i'm an individualist. i'm not really conformist, which gets people mad at you because you don't quite live up to their stereotypes. >> reporter: he spent some of his long-haired youth living in a vegetarian co-op but now calls obama care fascism. he is a health conscious vegan who has no problem selling pork sausage or genetically modified foods. while his stores aim for a low carbon footprint and sell only sustainable fish, he doesn't believe in manmade global warming. >> i don't think we necessarily know it's been caused by man, human-caused industrialization of carbon dioxide. i'm not a climate scientist, i'm not a climate expert. i'm just a fairly well-read guy who reads both sides of an
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issue. >> reporter: the head of a coal company says i really don't believe in man-made climate change, it's not news. the head of whole foods says that -- >> well, i've read four or five books on global warming. the average person forms their opinion after reading how many books? i'd say zero. >> reporter: now before conservatives start to swoon, you should know he takes $1 a year in salary as a statement on income inequality. he equates modern hamburger production with the evils of slavery and denying women the right to vote. >> i think people will look back 100 years from now with horror on how we treated livestock animals. because people are not conscious of it. we just want to have cheap meat. >> reporter: swearing off meat is a big part of mackey's story. he fell in love with fresh produce living in that co-op, borrowed some money, and as a dig at safeway, opened safer-way, a health food store in austin, texas. 32 years and 345 stores later,
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whole foods is still smaller than safeway, but almost three times more valuable as a company. >> sometimes it's kind of a balancing act between the orange and the red. >> reporter: having a small army of bobs and harveys to source quality over quantity can bring bigger profits. but it has also driven smaller competitors out of business and earned a snarky nickname from cost-conscious shoppers. whole paycheck. mackey hates that. >> we've done studies that show you eat the healthiest diet in the world and not spend more than $4 or $5 per day per person. >> when i say the phrase whole paycheck, what does that bring to mind? >> put it back in your mouth. it's old news. it's not where we are right now. it was true a few years ago. it's a catchy term. >> reporter: walter rob was named mackey's co-ceo, which doesn't come with a lot of perks. did you try get $2 a year?
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all of the employees of whole foods know exactly what everyone else makes and no one can make more than 19 times the average salary of around $18 an hour. at other fortune 500 companies, the ceo makes around 325 times more. you talk about the sense of camaraderie, the team work here. i was reading that to your employees at the store in madison, wisconsin, wanted to unionize. what happened there? >> what happened is we let them down. i was there. we went there. the culture had fallen apart and the team members lost faith in that we meant what we said. >> reporter: rob says those employees eventually changed their mind, but the decade-old episode still stands at a wake-up call on the road to conscious capitalism. in his new book, mackey preaches that the best companies are those that treat employees and customers and suppliers and neighbors all as equal stake
12:55 am
holders. >> happy team members results in happy customers results in happy investors. >> reporter: it sounds like just be nice to people. >> the golden rule -- it's the reason they call it the golden rule. yeah, business should be based on principles like the golden rule. you have rice, all these different kinds of beans. >> reporter: pretty radical for a free market libertarian cow hugger, or whatever he is. >> interesting guy there. thanks to bill for that. just ahead, inside a growing movement that says acupuncture works on their pets. [ voice of dennis ] really? i was afraid you'd have some cut-rate policy. nope, i've got... [ voice of dennis ] the allstate value plan. it's their most affordable car insurance -- and you still get an allstate agent. i too have... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. [ normal voice ] same agent and everything. it's like we're connected. no we're not. yeah, we are. no, we're not. ♪
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finally tonight, for many people, pets are like family, so when they're ailing, there's nothing more urgent than getting them treatment. just as alternative treatments like acupuncture are being taken up by more and more americans, so now pet acupuncture for our
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canine and feline companions. but does it work? abc's juju chang went looking for answers. >> reporter: from bearded dragons to pot bellied pigs, man's best friend comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. but when they get sick, we don't want to treat them like guinea pigs. instead, there's a growing movement to treat animals with the best that human medicine has to offer. like physical therapy, hydrotherapy, chemo therapy, and yes, even alternative therapy. >> we have a water fountain flowing, so we try make things as relaxed for them as possible. we usually dim the lights. >> reporter: pet acupuncture, to be precise. >> nobody likes seeing their pet in pain. >> reporter: snoot suffered from back problems and wound up paralyzed. >> reporter: acupuncture works on the central nervous system, so there really isn't an
1:02 am
equivalent system to stimulate the way that acupuncture can. >> reporter: three million humans in the u.s. use this ancient chinese therapy for everything from debilitating pain to quitting smoking. but at animal medical center in new york, they're using it extensively for cases like snoot's. three cases a week cost 100 bucks a pop. >> we make sacrifices for things you care about. this guy has given me great companionship and i didn't want to lose him, so i make the sacrifices for him. >> reporter: delilah's owner mark swears that acupuncture made all the difference. >> she has a bad back, bad neck and acupuncture helps. i was going to put her down. medicine didn't help. she had conventional therapy, but this works much better. >> reporter: while animals can't tell if the treatments work or not -- >> it's okay, it's all right. >> reporter: these owners say their pets' actions speak louder than words. >> the other stuff didn't work.
1:03 am
after these treatments, she was like a little puppy again. >> well, it's not for everybody. but, you know, the proof is in the pudding. you do it and it works, it works. you can't really fool a dog. people say oh, it's just a placebo. but it's a dog. the dog doesn't know whether or not it's a placebo. they just feel better or they don't feel better. >> reporter: but there's a lot of skepticism, too. veteran vets say there's simply no science to prove that sticking dogs with needles is good medicine. >> well, the problem is that there's no consensus, so you'll find some studies that show there's an effect and you'll find that there's studies that show no effect whatsoever. >> reporter: dr. david raimy. >> there's such a thing as an acupuncture point, another half truth. nobody's been able to demonstrate that there is such a thing. >> reporter: even critics can agree the best medicine for your pet is a lot of tlc. >> i think that they should
1:04 am
spend time with their animals and take them on walks and massage them and pay attention to them. >> reporter: which doesn't cost anything, and yet, is still priceless. for "nightline," i'm juju chang in new york. >> thanks to juju. a news note now. experts say it could be the worst snowstorm in a century. blizzard warnings going into effect tomorrow morning for some 23 million people throughout the northeast, including new york city, connecticut, rhode island, and massachusetts. snow is already falling in the midwest. hurricane force wind gusts are expected to cause whiteout conditions, massive drifts, power outages, coastal flooding in the northeast, areas still recovering from hurricane sandy. so thanks for watching us. check in for "good morning america," they're going to have the latest on snowstorm coverage. our extreme weather team on the ground out there with the latest information on all of it. we're always online at and we will see you here tomorrow.


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